How to act in front Warning signs of fraud in your company

Many suspicious facts can be the reason to take steps to stop theft or fraud before it goes too far. Theft and fraud in many countries has the cost of large amounts of money; can be millions of dollars in just one year. At present the laws and rules in the workplace, has a lot to manage for eliminate this “bad habits”.


The most common types of theft in the workplace are:

  • False payroll
  • False payments and petty cash
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Abuse of corporate credit cards


The typical fraudster has no gender, it can be male or women, but usually a fraudster fulfils a finance function or a senior management position. Also they know very well how works the company and they could have more than 10 years working in the company.

The employers in their task to improve their chances of detecting and stopping theft and fraud should :

  • Review financial statements more often
  • Monitor employee actions
  • Follow up complaints
  • Have in place systems for spot-checking transactions
  • Maintain an asset register

Employers should assess their level of risk in front of these situations; they can protect themselves against theft and fraud by including specific clauses in their employment contracts. More advices for the human resources professionals that have to take special notice of employees who:

  • Have problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Take an unusual interest in certain business areas
  • Have persistent anomalies in their workplace
  • Refuse to take a leave

Anyway when fraud or theft is suspected, the most effective starting point for investigation is an accounting analysis. Experts like accounting in chile can make the accurate study for your company and can give you a guide for the better solutions, also will not be a loss of  your own time in the process.

The next steps to follow are deciding whether to report fraud to police and an interview with the employee.

Don’t matter the step take, one thing will be sure,  the accounting analysis done ,will help your company stick to the truth and face any circumstance without a problem.