11 Effective advertising Ideas

Nowadays, a company that wants to grow and expand requires a marketing plan. This plan developed properly could help to increase the benefits and the activity of our business.


The next ideas are basic but also effective ways to make our business known:

1 – Advertising on local magazines or newspapers: It may cost a Little amount of money , but it is an effective way to be known in our city or region, the areas where our potential customers live.

 2 – Creating a blog:  This one requires a lot of time and dedication, constancy too. In a long term way, we will enjoy the advantages of being positioned on internet.

 3 – Networking: To make trades with our business partners can boost the influence of our company. Networking it is an easy way to work.

4 – Distribution of leaflets: It is a classic idea but effective too, advertising through leaflets can make us visible. However the leaflets cost money and also we have to be careful with the environment.

5 – Emailing: Through this campaigns that can be free, we target our potential customers and the old customers. What we will need is fresh ideas and messages, so our emails will not be treated like unwanted emails.

6 – Advertising in public places: We can contract specific places like a bus stop or others, but usually this way is expensive. But the investment done can equilibrate the final results.

7 – Meetings and exhibitions: With that way we contact our potential customers. Showing how is the working process and the products we offer, could make us stand differently of another companies.

8 – Corporate alliances: among businesses related with our products or services, could help us to promote our products and get new customers from the another business.

9 – Advertising on the local radio or television: It also may be a cost, but the potential customers can be a lot. The local media is used every day by a lot of people so we can be exposed to many people.

10 – Advertising on webs: There is a huge variety of webs where we can do advertising. Some of them are free, and they offer tools to make this task very easy.

11 – Creating events: With an expert event planning agency we will enjoy the comfort and simplicity to use the last ten ideas just in one. Let experts the tasks of advertising and marketing and focus on your business.

busiYou decide among all the ideas mentioned or simplify them in just one, contacting professionals like the Spanish agency specialising in creative events.