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Ranking of the 7 best logistics companies in Spain.

Are you looking for an expert logistics company and do not know which one to choose? Sometimes the needs of companies go beyond sending a package, you may need other services such as picking or storage.

Below you will find a ranking with the best Spanish companies expert in logistics to make it a little easier to choose. We have prepared the ranking based on several aspects such as the services offered by each company, the experience and the quality of the services provided.

1. Vivace Logistica (Madrid)

Vivace Logistica Madrid

Vivace Logística is a company that was founded in 2001, its specialty is the picking service, they take care of the whole process: from storage, inventory management, order preparation, distribution, etc. They also offer reverse logistics management for the transfer of their materials effectively and economically, with their corresponding collection notices and delivery notes.

They use E-CATS and KIT-FID management tools, for an online store or Marketplace, with real-time tracking and reporting that will facilitate the process of tracking and ordering status.

For us Vivace Logística is the best option for the experience, customer service and above all for the ease to adapt to each client in a personalized way, that is why we have assigned the first position.


If you have any questions or want to contact them here you have their website:

2. Vivace Logistica (Barcelona)

Vivace Logistica Barcelona

The second company in the ranking is Vivace Logistica Barcelona, they belong to the same group, STACI, so they have a very similar way of working. They offer logistics services, picking services and warehouse and transportation services.

Their specialty is the picking service, they take care of the entire process: from storage, inventory management, order preparation, distribution, etc.

At Vivace Logistica Barcelona, we assign the second position in our ranking since they also have great experience in the sector and they adapt to the needs of each client. Like Vivace Logistica Madrid, they also have a great customer service, so your choice of one or the other will depend only on the best location for your company.

Vivace Logistica Barcelona
Contact them for any questions and they will attend you carefully:

3. ALC (Actividades Logísticas Centralizadas)


ALC is a company specialized in integral logistics. They have more than 19 years of experience in the sector. They offer Picking, Packing and integral transport services.

They transport merchandise both large and small volume, long or short distance, with refrigerated or canvas service, making immediate deliveries, from today to tomorrow or according to the times agreed with the customer.

They have more than 50 warehouses, with a total of 85,501 m2 spread throughout Spain and offer tailored solutions for storage and distribution. Apart from conventional services, they stand out for services such as: Logistics in house, Cross docking, Wall to Wall or urgent pallet delivery.

ALCIf you want to know more about their services visit their website:

4. Stock Alpha

Stock Alpha

Stock Alpha is a company founded in 1989, specialized in integral logistics located in Madrid. They belong to the Everial group, a consolidated company in the integral logistics sector, which guarantees that they work with the best means, methods and applications to optimize the planning and management of the different logistics tasks of your company.

Apart from transport and storage, they also offer services such as promotional logistics, ecommerce services, marketing campaigns, etc. They also offer the service of inverse warehouse, covering the returns of any merchandise.

Stock Alpha

If you are interested, contact them through:

5. Lince Logística

Lince Logistica

Lince is a Logistics company located in Madrid, it was founded in 2002. It is a fast and effective responsible company that adapts to the particular needs of the management of the logistics chain of its Clients, suppliers and final customers.

They offer services that include from the management of supplies, storage, control of online stock, picking, packing, reverse logistics to the assembly and disassembly of events, as well as the repair of furniture.

They offer personalized services to each client, they will look for and apply the best solutions, allowing a greater optimization of time and resources.

Lince Logistica

If you want more information here you have their website:

6. Asenga Logísitica

Asenga Logistica

Asenga Logística is a company that was founded in 1942, although until the early 1990s they were not engaged in storage and distribution services. Their services range from storage and logistics, to picking and order preparation, but above all they specialize in the sale of office supplies, office supplies, computer consumables and associated logistics services.

They also offer the Reverse Logistics service, managing the product return from the place of consumption to the point of origin, in case of defective merchandise, customer returns, obsolete products, seasonal inventories, excess inventory returns and in other cases where necessary.

They put at your service modern storage facilities so that your product is always controlled, with more than 7,000 m2 of warehouse distributed between Getafe and San Juan de los Reyes.


If you are interested in this option, you can contact them through:

7. Locoex


Locoex is a company located in Madrid with more than 30 years of experience, providing comprehensive logistics services, offering storage solutions, transportation, distribution, Docking Croos, Study of Routes, Personnel Coverage, etc … They operate throughout the national and international level.

They have more than 2000 m2 of warehouse with the best technical and human resources that allow them to adjust to the needs of each client. Using the Lifo and Fifo systems ensure that the goods are in the right place at the right time.

They carry out studies of Routes to find the best possible solution in the transport of goods, always thinking about the lower consumption of resources and the greater productivity, with reports of viability for their clients.


As you can see, LOCOEX is another good option to close the ranking of the 7 best logistics companies in Spain. You can contact them through: .

We hope this article has been useful to you, so you now can choose the option that best suits your company.