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Pasarela Sostenible Internacional

La Feria FIMI 2015 que se celebra en Madrid del 19 al 21 de junio  es la feria infantil de carácter profesional e internacional con más visitas en todo el mundo donde participan alrededor de 350 marcas de 13 países y que cuenta con más de 10.000 visitantes según datos de otros años.
Se presentarán las colecciones de la temporada primavera / verano 2016 de Moda Infantil, calzado, complementos y adicionalmente habrán pasarelas de moda y charlas técnicas donde se tratará la importancia de elegir los tejidos más naturales para los más pequeños.
En Chile son buenos fabricantes de tejidos naturales y la calidad de su algodón y sus pieles es muy apreciada para los  países Europeos.

Si un fabricante Español decide que quiere contar con la materia prima de la mejor calidad puede desarrollar el centro de producción allí y luego exportar el producto final ya elaborado para venderlo en España.
Actualmente no es difícil establecerse en países de Sudamérica y podemos encontrar una asesoría contable y tributaria en Chile que nos ayude a comprender la manera de hacer negocios respetando el plan de contabilidad Chile y contratando la mano de obra mejor cualificada para obtener un producto con un 100% de calidad sin que los costes sean elevados.
El consumidor actual valora la calidad por encima del precio y no debemos escatimar en contar con países que son productores de la mejor materia prima si con ello ganamos la confianza de nuestro cliente.
La globalización ofrece múltiples ventajas y una de ellas es poder exportar sin necesidad de tener que pasar por trámites burocráticos interminables.

Hoy en día encontrar profesionales que se dediquen a esta labor no es difícil y si lo que deseamos es formar parte de esa Feria no debemos pasar por alto la oportunidad de contar con el mejor producto para vestir a nuestros niños.

Outsourcing the Payroll? Make the Right Choice!

A lot of multinational firms and other businesses want improvement in current payroll practices, but have doubts about choosing a comprehensive global solution. Also most companies want improvement in their current payroll practices, and what they don’t know is that payroll providers can deliver a comprehensive global solution.

While some companies are not adjusting their payroll administration model, others plan to expand in to global markets, but this applies mainly to organisations that operate in mature markets are hence are more likely to be able to adopt a consistent model.

Nowadays the payroll function has become an administrative burden that many companies feel they could do without. Many HR professionals don’t understand how important the payroll function for the life of a business is. Outsourcing payroll increase efficiency, and save time for HR professionals so they can focus on more strategic activities. It is important for the companies to make the right choices when they want to outsource the payroll.

Benefits of outsourcing the Payroll

Secure information: The introduction of secure internet services has made it easier for businesses to gain instant access to their management information. This easy access can be combined with the efficiency and back-up of a bureau or managed service in an outsourced online solution. The process is also improved because data is captured at source and shared directly with the service provider, taking away the need to input data twice, which in turn reduces input errors, streamlines processes and reduces delays in information transfer. The added benefits in terms of speed, maintenance and upgrades make this the most efficient option.

Serious Service: The service you choose should offer streamlined processes that will enhance the service to your company and support your HR strategy. Make sure that your initial objectives for outsourcing will be fulfilled and that the service provider is fully aware of these. The service you choose should offer streamlined processes that will enhance the service to your company and support your HR strategy.

Future growth plans: Make sure that the payroll provider can cope with future growth. Check what the financial implications are if you recruit more staff and whether the service can expand internationally if required. If you already use computer systems for HR, time and attendance, general ledger or other related processes, these can be integrated into the payroll solution.

HR and Payroll integration: Opting to outsource payroll processes doesn’t mean sacrificing an integrated HR and payroll database or a fully functional HR application. Many services have integrated HR and payroll. You may also want to make use of employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) to spread any administration through the company.

Managed service or Payroll processing: A managed service means handing over the whole end-to-end management of the process to the supplier, along with the responsibility for the day-to-day execution of payroll tasks such as adding new starters, pension and benefits payments and others. This option allows the buyer to implement best practice to bring greater efficiency through their organisation and to reduce the internal administrative burden. It should let companies focus resources on core activities and provide the savings and benefits that come from an experienced supplier.

A payroll-processing service allows a company to gain access to an outsourcer’s fully maintained, legally compliant payroll and processing resource, while gathering and retaining employee changes and information in-house. Companies usually choose this service level if, for example, their payroll resources are stretched, to ensure compliance or to reduce the administrative burden.

Not mentioned but also relevant; a benefit like experience plus all the benefits above make companies like payroll in Chile, a right choice for your company and business.6759453761_b3383926b7_o

Benefits of Outsourcing The Payroll

For many businesses, payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house payroll processing. Payroll service companies perform an important function assisting employers comply with laws. images

Without the proper knowledge of payroll procedure and access to a payroll program, it’s easy to make mistakes. Usually, late payments are cause for monetary penalties. Local tax collection agencies need to be paid on time, and in the right way.


Services provided by outsourced payroll companies

A payroll company’s basic services include:

  • Calculating payroll and tax obligations for each employee.
  • Provide employee access to address and payment information changes, online pay statements and tax forms.
  • Delivering checks, can be issued on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly payroll basis.
  • Provide online access to standard reports, including historical data.

As an owner or manager of a small or medium business you have to focus on many tasks to ensure your business is successful.  As your business grows, you need your payroll to be flexible enough to meet changes in your business requirements.

Choose the right provider 

You will need to communicate regularly with your payroll provider, a payroll service should offer:

  • A high level of customer service.
  • Experience in the sector.
  • Security to ensure your company will not suffer from any potential financial mishandling.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Here are some of the most important reasons why all kind of businesses outsource their payroll.

Avoid technology problems: A constant question for small business owners is whether they have the latest version of their payroll software and the most recent tax tables installed on their computer. Using the wrong tax tables can result in penalties. Outsourcing payroll keeps payroll running correctly.

Time savings: Many small business owners and their staff find it better to use their time for focus on activities related to the core mission and leave finances and payroll to someone else.

Accuracy and compliance: Payroll mistakes are common, and many small operations find it nearly impossible to stay on top of the numerous and complicated tax code changes that can lead to these errors. Outsourced payroll experts are trained specifically in this area. When mistakes occur, the business owner may be able to seek financial or legal restitution, depending on the specifics of the service contract.

Reduce costs: The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with a payroll provider.

Lower long-term costs for some businesses: The choice between in-house payroll and outsourced solutions is a question of what is most efficient and cost-effective for the size of the operation.

Finally, using a payroll service can ease your mind, while on in-house payroll two out of every six employers has been charged for a payroll mistake, with total penalties reaching into a lot of money on costs.

Payroll in Chile, is an outsourcing solution that will help you grow and adapt your business the smart way. Whatever the size of your company, they can provide a flexible outsourcing solution, allowing you to focus on your business.