Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is the fabulous city for stay in your holidays. The city offered a lot of places for visit in your free time and espectaculars sites for eat and spend your time in family.

Barcelona have a beutiful church than your name is Holy Familily. Is a large church roman catholic designed by catalan architect Antoni Gaudi .This basilica has a long history the citizens think that que other arquitect never desig the similiar contruction.

Modernism  was a cultural movement associated with the search for Catalan national identity. This movement is present in Barcelona in a lot  of places arts, public buildings, streets and the other places than are necesary visit in your holiday un Barcelona. This movement are start in 1888 when  in Barcelona celebrated the First International Exhibition of Barcelona to 1911.

Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage this is the motive for the a lot of people visit Barcelona every year. Has a important center cultural. The famous architecs Antoni Gauidi or Luis Domènech design works architecture for this city. A lot of architecture works in Barcelona have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Barcelona is a important city in the world and for lovers of culture. Visit Barcelona and stay in apartament of the most importants places of the history of city.
Barcelonadomus is your friend in Barcelona for help you find your ideal apartament.