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Have you thought about going to Barcelona or Berlin this Christmas?

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Stay in a beautiful apartment in the center of Barcelona or Berlin with Apartments2stay

If you trust Apartments2stay to find accommodation in Barcelona or Berlin, no you were wrong. They have a large stock of apartments perfectly located in these two cities. Forget spending money and time on public transport why you’ll be very close to the main attractions.

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On the website of Apartments2Stay you can find the best apartments in the best areas of these cities.

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– Apartments in Las Ramblas (Barcelona)
– Apartments in Gràcia (Barcelona)
– Apartametos near the beach in Barcelona
– Apartment rent in Berlin

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Apartments2stay will help in the search for apartments for your stay in Barcelona or Berlin.

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They have all kinds of apartments from modernist apartments in the center of Barcelona to the best located apartments in Berlin.


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Vente et location de biens immobiliers et de la gestion des communautés voisines.

Global-Immo est une agence immobilière située à Roses (Costa Brava). Services offerts par Global-immo sont:

Location d’appartements à Roses
– Location de petits appartements à Roses
Location d’appartements pour 6 personnes ou plus à Roses
– Louer un appartement au meilleur prix à Roses, Espagne
– Louer un appartement de chambre à Roses
Vente d’appartements, de maisons et de terrains à Roses

Apartments2stay apartment rentals in Barcelona and Berlin.

Apartments2stay is a Dutch company in apartment rentals in Barcelona and Berlin.
We offer you a network of comfortable apartments, in all range of prices and areas.

On our website you can book an apartment automatically online and in a very easy and clear way.
If you wish a personal way of booking an apartment, we can give you advice and assistance. You can contact us by phone or to fill in a request form.

Our service teams in Barcelona and Berlin have a lot of experience in tourism, service industry and the knowledge of apartment rentals. We are always available and happy to help our guests with questions and suggestions they may have before and during their stay in Barcelona or Berlin.

We wish you a wonderful stay in Barcelona and Berlin!

holidayexchange una iniciativa para viajar

Se acerca el verano y las vacaciones en el tiempos que corren no somos muchos los que nos podemos permitir viajar a otros países. Por eso Holidayexchange una iniciativa española que se ha propuesto que todos los españoles pueden visitar otra ciudad o país por muy poco.

Esta iniciativa se basa en el intercambio de casas para poder alojarte en otra parte del mundo mientras se alojan en la tuya, de esto modo no tienes gastos de alojamiento. Tiene un funcionamiento muy fácil a través de holidayexchange registras tu vivienda para incluirla en la lista de vivienda de intercambio. A continuación elijes el destino del mundo al cual quieres viajar y te pones en contacto con ellos y a conocer mundo!! Es muy fácil y sencillo y te permite visitar otras partes del mundo por menos de lo que piensas. Puedes visitar Madrid o Barcelona solo por intercambiar tu casa por un tiempo establecido por usted mismo.

Muchos ya han disfrutado de este iniciativa y han vivido unas vacaciones inolvidables, estos son son destinos top de holidayexchange:

Visite su ciudad favorita tan solo registrando su vivienda en holidayexchange.

Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is the fabulous city for stay in your holidays. The city offered a lot of places for visit in your free time and espectaculars sites for eat and spend your time in family.

Barcelona have a beutiful church than your name is Holy Familily. Is a large church roman catholic designed by catalan architect Antoni Gaudi .This basilica has a long history the citizens think that que other arquitect never desig the similiar contruction.

Modernism  was a cultural movement associated with the search for Catalan national identity. This movement is present in Barcelona in a lot  of places arts, public buildings, streets and the other places than are necesary visit in your holiday un Barcelona. This movement are start in 1888 when  in Barcelona celebrated the First International Exhibition of Barcelona to 1911.

Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage this is the motive for the a lot of people visit Barcelona every year. Has a important center cultural. The famous architecs Antoni Gauidi or Luis Domènech design works architecture for this city. A lot of architecture works in Barcelona have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Barcelona is a important city in the world and for lovers of culture. Visit Barcelona and stay in apartament of the most importants places of the history of city.
Barcelonadomus is your friend in Barcelona for help you find your ideal apartament.