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Novedades en la Renta 2015

Ha arrancado la campaña para hacer la declaración de la renta del año 2014, con ella llegan novedades que el contribuyente debe tener en cuenta. Una de las novedades es que este año se han comenzado a cobrar antes las devoluciones. El programa padre del cual pueden hacer uso todos los contribuyentes se ha simplificado. El calendario habitual ha cambiado, empezando el 7 de abril, una semana mas tarde que el año pasado. Para compensar este retraso han ofrecido la posibilidad de tramitar tanto las declaraciones como los borradores por Internet desde el primer día. El unificar estas fechas ha ayudado a que las declaraciones estén entregadas dos semanas antes gracias al programa de ayuda, programa que fue utilizado por 8 millones de contribuyentes en el ejercicio anterior.

Gracias a esto las devoluciones también están logrando ser mas rápidas, a partir del día 10 abril ya se comenzó a hacer efectivo la devolución , con ello se ha conseguido adelantar las devoluciones en tres semanas.

La agencia tributaria ha encontrado un incremento de contribuyentes que presentaran su declaración respecto a años anteriores. En las primeras horas de campaña se detecto que más de 70.000 personas habían presentado ya su declaración, una cifra un 46% más elevada que un año antes. a lo largo de la mañana, se habían presentado unas 150.000 declaraciones, un 38% más que en la campaña anterior.

Novedades que se incluirán en la nueva renta

  • Se cambia la casilla 620 por la 415, denominada “base liquidable general sometida a gravamen”. Para obtener la referencia de la casilla el contribuyente tendrá que aportar el importe que aparece en dicha casilla, su nif y el número de su móvil donde será enviado el número de referencia. En cambio los declarantes nuevos o que encuentren un numero 0 en dicha casilla, habrán de aportar aparte del nif y el numero del teléfono móvil el numero de cuenta iban.
  • Otra novedad que será del agrado del contribuyente es que podrá obtener información  sobre a donde va destinado el dinero de nuestros impuestos. También se pone a prueba un nuevo programa que utilizaremos en un futuro, es un programa que unifica el programa padre y el borrador permitiendo que sea un programa mas rápido y sencillo para el contribuyente.
  • Otra nueva medida que encontramos, es que las indemnizaciones que superen los 180.000 euros si tributaran, con efectos 1 de agosto del 2014.
  • Y como cambios mas “solidarios” para los contribuyentes, es que la dación en pago queda exenta y permite a los titulares de participaciones preferentes y deuda subordinada, una mayor capacidad para jugar con las rentas positivas y negativas con el fin de compensar posibles pérdidas.

outsourcing de contabilidad y cumplimiento tributario

Outsourcing the Payroll? Make the Right Choice!

A lot of multinational firms and other businesses want improvement in current payroll practices, but have doubts about choosing a comprehensive global solution. Also most companies want improvement in their current payroll practices, and what they don’t know is that payroll providers can deliver a comprehensive global solution.

While some companies are not adjusting their payroll administration model, others plan to expand in to global markets, but this applies mainly to organisations that operate in mature markets are hence are more likely to be able to adopt a consistent model.

Nowadays the payroll function has become an administrative burden that many companies feel they could do without. Many HR professionals don’t understand how important the payroll function for the life of a business is. Outsourcing payroll increase efficiency, and save time for HR professionals so they can focus on more strategic activities. It is important for the companies to make the right choices when they want to outsource the payroll.

Benefits of outsourcing the Payroll

Secure information: The introduction of secure internet services has made it easier for businesses to gain instant access to their management information. This easy access can be combined with the efficiency and back-up of a bureau or managed service in an outsourced online solution. The process is also improved because data is captured at source and shared directly with the service provider, taking away the need to input data twice, which in turn reduces input errors, streamlines processes and reduces delays in information transfer. The added benefits in terms of speed, maintenance and upgrades make this the most efficient option.

Serious Service: The service you choose should offer streamlined processes that will enhance the service to your company and support your HR strategy. Make sure that your initial objectives for outsourcing will be fulfilled and that the service provider is fully aware of these. The service you choose should offer streamlined processes that will enhance the service to your company and support your HR strategy.

Future growth plans: Make sure that the payroll provider can cope with future growth. Check what the financial implications are if you recruit more staff and whether the service can expand internationally if required. If you already use computer systems for HR, time and attendance, general ledger or other related processes, these can be integrated into the payroll solution.

HR and Payroll integration: Opting to outsource payroll processes doesn’t mean sacrificing an integrated HR and payroll database or a fully functional HR application. Many services have integrated HR and payroll. You may also want to make use of employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) to spread any administration through the company.

Managed service or Payroll processing: A managed service means handing over the whole end-to-end management of the process to the supplier, along with the responsibility for the day-to-day execution of payroll tasks such as adding new starters, pension and benefits payments and others. This option allows the buyer to implement best practice to bring greater efficiency through their organisation and to reduce the internal administrative burden. It should let companies focus resources on core activities and provide the savings and benefits that come from an experienced supplier.

A payroll-processing service allows a company to gain access to an outsourcer’s fully maintained, legally compliant payroll and processing resource, while gathering and retaining employee changes and information in-house. Companies usually choose this service level if, for example, their payroll resources are stretched, to ensure compliance or to reduce the administrative burden.

Not mentioned but also relevant; a benefit like experience plus all the benefits above make companies like payroll in Chile, a right choice for your company and business.6759453761_b3383926b7_o

A Global Vision of Payroll in your Business

Organizations try to expand operations globally, a lot of the processes necessary to run a successful business are complicated, or require more attention. Payroll is one of these processes.  The numerous options to evaluate payroll services can be overwhelming. Outsourcing the payroll implies, that the price you will pay depend on your company’s size, needs, and number of employees. It is a good decision to contact payroll experts and providers, but before, we have to adjust our plans and expectations.aeafr

Payroll does most of the things more important to a business: Paying the employees in a way that complies with national, regional and local laws and regulations and paying employees on time with the right amount.

For these reasons, developing a similarly global payroll process is often a challenge, that most companies have not yet overcome.  A lot of companies have found a provider able to handle their fully outsourced global payroll process; most of them have a mix of in-house and outsourced payroll and a process that is handled completely in-house.  The lack of full outsourcing is due to some issues in the marketplace; like the low-level of maturity in the payroll outsourcing market and the lack of confidence that providers can deliver end-to-end solutions.

Companies with global operations use various payroll outsourcing models based on the needs of the local operations and the capabilities of available providers. Instead of allowing local employees to manage payroll, and treat the subsidiary as a separate entity. While other companies, maintain centralized control over international payroll operations with little autonomy at the local level and manage their entire enterprise, including payroll, as one global entity. What keep global companies from moving to a global payroll solution are the costs and taxes. Also the doubts about the provider being not able to meet the company’s requirements and needs.

The market for payroll services is very competitive, many providers offer packages geared specifically toward mid-sized or small companies. Basic payroll processing has a per-check fee or per-employee, in addition to the base account fee. While base account fees vary widely from one provider to the next, you can expect to pay a certain amount . To keep expenses under control, it’s best to define your needs ahead of time and search for a provider with an-all inclusive package that will address your requirements, like accounting in chile.Etude-remuneration-walters-people-2015-penurie-supply-chain


Accountants: How can become themselves Essential to their Clients?

How accounting service providers can make themselves essential to their clients? This topic is useful to know. We invest time and financial resources into a whole host of accounting but the question is: Do your clients believe they cannot succeed without you? We know that our technical expertise and depth of business knowledge is what our clients value most. But another question: Is that enough?


Many well-educated and highly skilled professionals have the credentials and real world experiences that they can apply to bring solutions to their clients, whether they grapple with complicated or simple challenges; like accounting in chile. But what makes them essential, is the connection and rapport with the clients

If however,  your clients do not have that connection with you, then you and your partners need to begin thinking about how to build that rapport, how to become indispensable to the clients you serve.

The Formula

  • Background training
  • Professional expertise

Both of them must be combined with other characteristics. Being proactive, a good listener, diligent, accessible and resourceful. It is helpful to make introductions to other leaders in the business community, facilitate valuable connections and share industry trends, including challenges and opportunities, with clients.

Also you can make a lot of things for your clients like:

  • Help them to gain some exposure in the community by introducing them to the local media
  • Nominating them for appropriate awards
  • Inviting them to speak at one of your events
  •  Write an article to publish in one of your newsletters.
  •  Planning events like a quarterly informal meeting over breakfast or dinner

All this tips can go a long way towards building a meaningful relationship and enables you to interact on a more frequent basis. It is difficult to anticipate and solve problems through an email exchange ,so pick up the phone usually.

If you want to have clients believing strongly that you are integral to their current and future sustainability and growth, you need to do more for them. The company accounting in chile, it is a good reference and an excellent role model for start-up companies or established firms.


Spain land of opportunities

When you have a thriving business , and you want to expand your market , it is important to have a place to open new frontiers, if its place is Spain you will need an event producer agencies spain, who can provide a method to promote and introduce your business succesfully.


Create an event , is a great option to promote and to show that our business is the best option for customers. The importance of a company ‘s image is vital and should seek help to show that they are a good company , and that they have sufficient experience in the market .

In Spain , the best option to start a business or a product display , is in Barcelona.Barcelona is the place of opportunity , a multitude of entrepreneurs engaged in different types of technologies and products. They starts their company or product in barcelona , exposing an event with the ideas and dreams to make their business true. So you will need an event producer agencies Barcelona, which can offer you an event to present your idea or business successfully.

How to act in front Warning signs of fraud in your company

Many suspicious facts can be the reason to take steps to stop theft or fraud before it goes too far. Theft and fraud in many countries has the cost of large amounts of money; can be millions of dollars in just one year. At present the laws and rules in the workplace, has a lot to manage for eliminate this “bad habits”.


The most common types of theft in the workplace are:

  • False payroll
  • False payments and petty cash
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Abuse of corporate credit cards


The typical fraudster has no gender, it can be male or women, but usually a fraudster fulfils a finance function or a senior management position. Also they know very well how works the company and they could have more than 10 years working in the company.

The employers in their task to improve their chances of detecting and stopping theft and fraud should :

  • Review financial statements more often
  • Monitor employee actions
  • Follow up complaints
  • Have in place systems for spot-checking transactions
  • Maintain an asset register

Employers should assess their level of risk in front of these situations; they can protect themselves against theft and fraud by including specific clauses in their employment contracts. More advices for the human resources professionals that have to take special notice of employees who:

  • Have problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Take an unusual interest in certain business areas
  • Have persistent anomalies in their workplace
  • Refuse to take a leave

Anyway when fraud or theft is suspected, the most effective starting point for investigation is an accounting analysis. Experts like accounting in chile can make the accurate study for your company and can give you a guide for the better solutions, also will not be a loss of  your own time in the process.

The next steps to follow are deciding whether to report fraud to police and an interview with the employee.

Don’t matter the step take, one thing will be sure,  the accounting analysis done ,will help your company stick to the truth and face any circumstance without a problem.

Keep in-House and Outsource the Payroll

The payroll function in a company it’s one the most important tasks, an also one of the biggest expenses. Companies have to give consideration to payroll , to keep up to date with the payroll function has to be always correct, organized and with precision. However companies can arrive to a question like, keep in-house the payroll function or outsource it?


Keep in-House the payroll

Usually keep in-house the payroll is the choice made, that’s why you only pay a fee for a payroll software, and you add a person attending that service, with all the adjustments and changes it can have.

Nowadays, the payroll software has evolved a lot, is complex and sophisticated, so the person doing the payroll needs a previous training. Payroll reporting has changed too, and in many companies the employees can see the reports online.

Anyways, there are other factors that will be a cost, so we have to watch carefully if we want to keep in house the payroll:

  • We will have to invest in training our personal
  • We will have to invest in software upgrades and subscriptions
  • We will have to keep up to date with new tax legislations and law
  • Other risks that can occur like data accuracy errors, bad utilisation of assets

The most important thing when we keep in-house the payroll, is to solve a problem we might have, because it could be a big waste of time and money to find a late solution for our unwanted situation.

Outsource the payroll

Choosing to outsource the payroll does not mean, we don’t have any blame for an unwanted situation it might occur. Mainly, we are not exposed to all the keep in-house risks and plus more, we avoid to invest in training and payroll software. These are reasons why choose an outsourced service is a right choice.

All we will have to do, is to provide a person with basic knowledge of the payroll function, who will be the connection with the outsource service. It is necessary a person in charge for making decisions. The outsource service has a detailed service level agreement, so we can contract the services we require from the outsource service, keeping in-house others.

We should watch some points when we want to choose a provider:

  • Qualifications of their payroll staff
  • Accuracy rates
  • Customer care model
  • Disaster recovery plans and compliance

Beyond the cost, choosing a provider that can adapt with our company rigorously and easily, will be important details to make a good decision.

Des cloisons mobiles : comment fonctionnent-ils ?

Les cloisons mobiles acoustiques sont conçus pour distribuer flexiblemente des espaces selon nos nécessités, de cette façon permettent la intimiité et l’indépendance des autres espaces. De plus ils permettent de réduire et d’éliminer le bruit qui peut être créé dans chaque espace.Taize-Silence

Ils sont utilisés dans des édifices comme; des hôtels, des restaurants, des entités bancaires, des centres de congrès, expositions, palais de la foire, édifices publics, centres de santé, centres universitaires, écoles, et bureaux.

Les cloisons mobiles acoustiques similaires aux cloisons mobiles normales sont diffèrent par le revêtement qui couvre chaque type de cloison mobile. Dans le cas acoustique des cloisons mobiles son revêtement est plus grand, cela n’empêche pas qu’ils perdent des caractéristiques comme :

  • La mobilité
  • La qualité
  • L’intégration comme élément décorateur
  • La fonctionnalité

Certainement les cloisons mobiles acoustiques contiennent un avantage et c’est qu’ils aident à réduire ou à complètement insonoriser des espaces. Par exemple ils permettent que le même espace des activités réalisées soient  totalement distinctes comme une classe yoga et une classe de théâtre dans un édifice public. Par ces raisons les cloisons mobiles sont éléments indispensables dans quelques édifices.tabiquemovil1-1

Pour finir, à l’heure d’ajouter des cloisons mobiles dans nos projets, nous pourrons savoir que type de cloison mobile il nous conviendra selon l’usage, et connaîtrons les avantages des cloisons mobiles acoustiques si c’est notre cas.


Définition de cloisons mobiles

Les cloisons mobiles sont unités solides, avec les mêmes caractéristiques que les cloisons traditionnelles différenciées par la mobilité qu’ils peuvent acquérir; ils s’emploient pour diviser et délimiter des espaces. Ils peuvent être montés et être démonté sans affecter les murs et les toits où ils vont être utilisés.


Utilisation de cloisons mobiles

Avant l’apparition de solutions comme les cloisons mobiles, dans les demeures par exemple, nous avons dû chercher des alternatives pour résoudre les problèmes qui surgissaient comme :

  •  Le manque d’espace
  •  Une distribution mauvaise de la demeure
  •  Le bruit

Le bruit est l’un de plus demandés pour résoudre. Avec l’arrivée des cloisons mobiles ces problèmes ont été résolus, même le bruit avec les cloisons mobiles acoustiques. Grâce à son utilisation est atteint :

  • Optimiser les espaces
  • Adapter les espaces selon l’usage qui nous convient
  • Isoler le bruit complètement
  • Permettre l’usage de quelques espaces à la fois sans importer d’activité

Les avantages des cloisons mobiles sont indubitables, sa manipulation est simple. Non ils réussissent à diviser seulement des espaces, obtiennent que l’harmonie et l’équilibre soient le signe distinctif qu’il identifie à l’édifice, puisqu’ils peuvent aussi se joindre.

Des avantages de l’usage de cloisons mobiles

Un élément de conception utilisé architectoniquement aussi utilisé pour la décoration de n’importe quel espace de travail, de cette forme nous définissons les cloisons mobiles.


Les adjectifs versatiles, dynamiques qui décrivent les cloisons mobiles sont couronnées de succès. Aussi c’est un outil très utile pour diviser des salles ou des enceintes, en s’adaptant à l’atmosphère et les espaces selon nos nécessités.

Certains de ses détails nous remarquons comme :

  •  Sa manœuvre facile
  •  L’adaptabilité
  •  La flexibilité
  •  Un entretien de base

Nous avons souligné sa capacité de décoration, en obtenant un avantage ajouté dans notre édifice ou lieu d’usage. Ils peuvent se combiner avec les diviseurs verticaux, en obtenant un ample espace de travail et une atmosphère agréable et confortable.



Plus d’avantages peuvent être obtenus si nous appliquons des solutions comme les cloisons mobiles dans nos constructions et projets.